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See where 20 pro-climate US companies are missing the moment on climate legislation.

Engaging Big Tech

We’re calling on Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft to commit 1 in 5 lobbying dollars for climate policy aimed at a just transition to keep us below 1.5°C degrees of warming. 

Our voices have power.
Our companies have power.
Together we can save our planet.

Join thousands of others to activate companies to go #AllinOnClimate.

Take the ClimateVoice Pledge:


I will endeavor to choose a place to work that is #AllinOnClimate in its own business (operations, supply chain, products, and investments) and in its strong advocacy for pro-climate policies.


I will make it clear to companies that climate matters to me - by signing ClimateVoice petitions, and speaking up at my workplace and with potential employers.


I will share the message with my colleagues and friends that together, we have the power to activate our companies on climate.

Here’s How it Works:

Get started in less than one minute

Step 1: Sign the pledge 

The science is clear: we need to decarbonize rapidly to have a real chance of keeping warming below 1.5°C.

The corporate sector is a key player in reaching our decarbonization goals. And you will invest up to 90,000 hours of your life at work. Use your investment to encourage companies to step up.

Sign the pledge and use your #ClimateVoice to encourage companies to go #AllinOnClimate and raise their voices in support of climate-positive policies. 

Step 2: Act 

When you take the pledge, your #ClimateVoice is already at work, showing companies that you and others want them to go #AllinOnClimate.

And your #ClimateVoice can do even more!

ClimateVoice will organize campaigns on important pro-climate policies. Take action in these campaigns, and use your #ClimateVoice to show companies that these policies matter - and that silence is no longer an option.

Step 3: Grow the community

If you know something good, share it! Spread the word and encourage your friends and colleagues to sign the ClimateVoice pledge and use their #ClimateVoice too.

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