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Change The Chamber

It’s time for companies to stop the US Chamber of Commerce from blocking science-based climate legislation and lobbying against environmental policies.

The US Chamber of Commerce has been a relentless, influential and prominent opponent of meaningful climate action in America. ClimateVoice is joining a coalition of student climate groups to pressure companies to Change The Chamber. 

Key Points about Change The Chamber


  1. As the nation's largest trade association, the Chamber wields enormous political influence and has spent $1.6 billion in lobbying over the last 21 years. 
  2. Because so many US-headquartered companies have global reach, and because US action (or inaction) on climate affects everyone, the Chamber’s actions impact people around the world.
  3. The Chamber’s operatives promote the false narrative that pro-climate policies are anti-business. They consistently advocate for the interests of the fossil-fuel industry by obstructing science-based climate legislation and funding politicians who oppose climate action. 

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