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Virginia Clean Economy Act

The Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA) will transition Virginia to 100% clean energy by 2050. It will eliminate carbon emissions and invest in clean renewable energy, creating thousands of jobs.

Companies throughout Virginia should raise their voice and support VCEA!

Key points about VCEA

  1. ECONOMIC GROWTH - The VCEA will create up to 13,000 jobs per year in Virginia’s advanced energy industry, and produce $69.7 billion in net benefits for Virginians. It invests strategically in Virginia’s energy efficiency, rooftop solar and offshore wind industries.
  2. CONSUMER PROTECTION - The VCEA develops an Energy Efficiency Resource Standard to help households and businesses reduce energy waste and save money. It provides additional energy support for veterans and the disabled. It prevents spikes in electric bills by capping how much ratepayers can be charged. It closes loopholes to keep energy monopolies from burning fossil fuels to sell electricity out of state.
  3. CLEAN AIR - The VCEA eliminates all harmful carbon emissions from Virginia utilities by 2050, and wipes out harmful pollution from power plants. It expands consumer ownership through rooftop and shared solar. It helps to protect Virginia’s natural resources for future generations.

Frequently asked questions

ClimateVoice campaigns are designed to allow you to voice your support for key legislative initiatives that can lead to significant climate-positive impact. Our three active campaigns today focus on CEJA (Illinois), the Clean Economy Act (Virginia), and TCI (East Coast).

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To make clear to companies how important this is to employees and students, we will publish aggregate information about the number of signers of our pledge, and of each petition and letter - including the total number of people, the number who are employees of a given company, and the number of students majoring in a given field.

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