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ClimateVoice Campaigns

We are running campaigns to encourage companies to go #AllinOnClimate.

ClimateVoice Campaigns

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The Illinois Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) puts Illinois on a path to 100% zero-carbon energy by 2030.

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(East Coast)

The Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) reduces carbon emissions in the transportation sector and continues to develop the clean energy economy.

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Change The Chamber

It’s time for companies to stop the US Chamber of Commerce from blocking science-based climate legislation and lobbying against environmental policies.

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Here’s How it Works:

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Step 1: Sign the pledge and check off the campaign boxes

On the pledge form you will see a few check boxes to subscribe to various ClimateVoice campaigns - such as CEJA (Illinois), the Clean Economy Act (Virginia), and TCI (East Coast).

Step 2: Encourage action through letters

Through signing onto a campaign, ClimateVoice will send letters to relevant decision-makers to help pressure more companies to support these initiatives. 

Step 3: Praise and name

ClimateVoice will then acknowledge industry leaders in pro-climate policies and celebrate the wins in climate to encourage further action.

Our Climate Voices

Completed Campaigns

Clean Economy Act

The Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA) will transition Virginia to 100% clean energy by 2050. The VCEA passed the Virginia legislature and was signed into law by Governor Ralph Northam on April 14, 2020.

Dozens of companies in Virginia spoke up and helped pass this landmark bill. A big thanks to Akamai Technologies, IKEA Group, Kaiser Permanente, Mars, Nestlé, Schneider Electric, Unilever, and Worthen Industries for speaking up on behalf of the VCEA and its importance for the state of Virginia!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you voice your support for these campaigns by signing the pledge, we will add your name to petitions and letters for each campaign. If you opted out of disclosing personal information, a placeholder will be used instead of your name. We will send the petitions to companies calling on them to support the initiatives.

When the initiative passes or fails, we will send the letter, thanking the companies that spoke up, and putting the companies that stayed silent on notice that we expect them to speak up in the future, and that we will be watching them.

We will also use the media and social media to let everyone know which companies are speaking up and which are silent, and make sure that companies know that silence is no longer acceptable.

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