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Going "All In"

A Climate Policy Guide for Business Leaders

It’s time for companies to go “all in” on climate - to base every major decision on the climate — as well as the financial — bottom line.


More than anything, going “all in” on climate change requires reevaluating how the company advocates for public policy on climate. In this report, we provide a high-level guide on climate policy for key stakeholders who want to drive change - from CEOs to board directors to concerned employees. The bottom line: it’s time for companies to lobby for climate policy - everywhere they operate, at every level of government, across every sector of the economy. We need this in the United States, and also in every other country, to make progress at the speed and scale required to address the climate crisis.

Key policies that are likely to be effective globally:

1. 100% clean energy standards.

2. Incentives for zero-carbon technologies.

3. Elimination of subsidies for fossil fuels. 

4. Electrification mandates and incentives. 

5. Support for innovation on climate solutions.

6. Energy efficiency programs and incentives. 

7. A price on carbon.   

8. Investments in transmission infrastructure.    

9. Caps on pollution and elimination of super pollutants.

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